UX Live 2018

On a cold rainy day in October, I made my way into the very cool Crystal for UX Live 2018. I went the year before which I believe was the first year that it started so I had an inkling of what to expect; an impressive roster of speakers and interesting workshops to exchange ideas and learn something new.

Last year, I was pretty heavy on the workshops so I decided to stick around for the majority of the talks and discussion panels. I was glad that I did, as I sat through some inspiring talks, and other talks that made me vigorously nod my head at various truths regarding work relationships, business fumbles and design quandaries.

Creating an empowered team

Probably my favourite talk was given by Stephen Gates, Head of Design Transformation at Invision. The title of his session was called “How to build and manage an empowered in-house creative team” which stressed the importance of creating and defining a process that a team should follow in order to be seen as a cohesive unit.


By creating a process for the design team and bringing transparency of what designers do at a company, this enhances the relationship between a business and its design department by viewing them as an asset rather than a commodity. Essentially, it’s important to remove the appearance of a design team is just a ‘make it pretty’ department - when there’s transparency, businesses can appreciate that the design department is creating products that are made with the customer in mind, which is a winning solution for the business.

Ethics in UX

One of the final discussions I listened to was “Ethical problems in UX” which was a panel between Mike Monteiro, Rolf Molich, Sandra Gonzalez, Marta Cecchinato, and Cennydd Bowles. There were moments when it became heated between the panelists as they clashed on what situations were unethical or ethical. One example given by the moderator were applications created for parents to monitor their children’s movement as they walked to school or hung out with friends. A panelist voiced that she was in favour of them given that she already used it with her own child, but another designer was vehemently against them and wondered if it could fall into the wrong hands with sinister intentions..