User Shadowing: Chef at Frankie & Benny’s

I visited the Frankie & Benny's staff, who were using the Ordering app as part of our company’s beta program. I arrived around 8:30 am before the restaurant opened, as this is when the kitchen manager would typically perform an order for products of their restaurant. Their deadline was 11 am to submit the order, so performing the order early in the morning allowed for time to be thorough.

Although the kitchen manager arrived bright and early to perform her task of ordering products, the process of ordering took over 1 hour to complete. The kitchen manager struggled with the height of the product description as this took up so much space she was unable to view more than 4-5 products out of several hundred at a time. She commented that images were of no use to her as a restaurant is familiar with a product name to know what they need.

After adding the products to her basket after going through 41 pages of products (the user did not notice the ‘View Products’ tab to increase the amount of products to view) and adding all of the products to her basket, she clicked on the basket icon to checkout. Unfortunately, there was an error with the basket page and all the products were not saved and unable to be added to the basket.

In frustration, the kitchen manager glanced up to realise that customers were entering the restaurant for their breakfast. She quickly logged out of the Ordering app and began to use the legacy app for ordering although the legacy app is only meant for desktop which translated into a very tiny view of product descriptions.

She completed the ordering of the products via the legacy app on the tablet within a few minutes, and grabbed her things to leave to begin her shift. In summary, I gathered the unfortunate notion that the proposed Ordering app was suffering from a number of issues in terms of simple UI design, product information displayed, and the lack of ability to scroll through a large list of products at once.


With this information in hand, I shared the feedback with the company in a report and also used this experience as supporting evidence for the UX Review that I created for the Ordering App.