Fourth Ordering App

UX Review of hospitality bulk ordering app
Oct 2018

Ordering App is an application used by large hotel franchises such as IHG to purchase bulk goods, for both consumables and non-consumables. The Ordering App was created in 2015 with no user research, no user testing and released to IHG and a few other clients and was met with a mediocre response.

After numerous complaints and discussions for improvement, I was asked to perform a UX review on the Ordering App which would highlight the issues from the most compromising and problematic to ‘quick wins’ or easy fixes.

The UX Review


The above image is the existing UI of the Ordeirng app, and I went through various processes such as ordering bulk items, reordering from my ‘history’ and ‘favourites’ and reviewing other apps that are leaders in the hospitality industry (i.e., MarketMan).

I recorded my findings in the below report, which you can download.


The Usability Test

I went through the entire application thoroughly, and performed a usability test on the Ordering App before publishing my UX Review.

Since the company itself is very large, I also wanted to create a one-page summary of the top 5 most frustrating usability issues that Fourth should focus on updating for users.


After sharing my findings with the company, the decision was made to focus on some of the smaller elements to update while simultaneoulsy looking at more fundamental issues, such as the product list pages and how they are designed.

Since this UX Review, the Ordering App is slowly but surely changing for the greater good of the user and reaching the goal of providing a faster, more efficient procurement experience.